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Lightning Fast Service Speed

Trophy KL has already been supplying top quality trophies and awards for over 40 years. We feature a wide variety of trophies well-suited for every event. Our quick service speed ensures that everyone routinely receive their trophies on time. Our staff is committed to providing anyone with the most reliable client support, so you can be sure you'll acquire the most ideal trophy for your event.

FREE Design in 15 Mins

We offer FREE design concept within 15 minutes, so you are able to visualize the right trophy for your event or occasion. We also have a diverse range of trophies, so you can spot the best trophy for your goals. We're a family owned and operated firm and honor ourselves on our premium quality product lines and client service. Call us as soon as possible for more information about our products!

Extensive Variety of Trophies to Choose From

Along with a selection of 10,000 different trophies to pick from, you're certain to get the right trophy for your requirements. Regardless if you want a trophy for a sporting event or a special occasion, Trophy KL has it for you. All trophies at Trophy KL are made via excellent materials, so you can be confident that your trophy will certainly last for decades ahead. In addition, all trophies are available at a cost-efficient price, therefore you don't have to spend a lot to obtain the most suitable trophy.

Get the ideal trophy for your requirements in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Trophy Supplier in Kuala Lumpur

Trophy KL is the best trophy supplier in Kuala Lumpur. Our trophies, medals & plaques are distinct and specially made in Kuala Lumpur. We offer a selection of quality trophies fitting for all events including sports occasions, marathon runners, and events as well as team building awards, staff recognition trophies, annual dinners, professional functions and exhibit features.

You can find any sort of trophy, medal or plaque you require. Our prime professional service enables you to tailor made your trophies, medals & plaques.

To be certain that our clients get only the most suitable, we are endlessly exploring the most recent awards from Trophy KL. We also investigate latest styles and latest things to supply the most ideal solution attainable. Our customers are generally impressed by the originality as well as variety of our trophy product lines.

It may perhaps take some time to locate the most suitable trophy supplier for your event. Let us help you find the right trophy, medal, or award for your function based on your needs, funds, and schedule. Our company will rapidly narrow down our 1,500+ products down to 2-3 products, depending upon the factors you determine. We are known for our fast replies and 24-hour client support. Possibly you may well require a very custom award or something absolutely unusual. Our professionals can help you craft something absolutely one-of-a-kind.

There are more than 1,500 trophy product choices. You can select any type of medal, plaque, or trophy you need. To make sure that our clients are given only the best, we are continuously in search of brand-new trophy products. Our clients are always pleased with the originality and assortment of our trophy items.

Get the ideal trophy for your requirements in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Services from Trophy KL

Plaque Award

Every single of our plaques or trophies is handcrafted with a diamond glossed finish. You can craft all of them to work with a number of purposes, such as taking care of your company brand. Our plaques and awards will definitely exceed any competitor, regardless of exactly who the receiver may be.

We are certainly amongst the most popular suppliers of plaques and awards in the area. The business features a wide collection of styles and styles, making it effortless to look for the most ideal award for any event. Plaques are a terrific means to acknowledge accomplishments or celebrate a very special event. They could be customized with wording and pictures, helping make them totally different. Trophy KL offers fast, experienced service and superior products at reasonable prices.

Crystal Trophy

Crystal trophies are one of the most in demand business awards in Kuala Lumpur. We offer a large range of these crystal trophies with various styles for anyone to pick from. We know that our clients look for top-notch quality, so we make sure that all of the orders are delivered on time.

Our firm have been supplying crystal trophies to a wide range of business clients for decades. We have more than 1700 distinct crystal trophies within our collection.

Crystal trophies are typically handed out at events to acknowledge phenomenal accomplishments in different fields. They have been around for a long time and are an in demand choice for award ceremonies.

Crystal trophies could be utilized for a number of reasons, from business events to personal functions. There are many varieties of crystal awards, each one with their own special qualities. When creating crystal awards, before all else select the crystal that best matches your needs, afterwards select a base to go well with. Crystal plaques can be personalized to meet the needs of the person or company. They are a well-loved choice for award ceremonies and commemorations because of their elegance and adaptability.

Get the ideal trophy for your requirements in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online

Customise Trophy

You can customise most of our awards, medals, trophies and other products. We can absolutely guide you pick out the most suitable printing process, depending on the product as well as the wanted impact. We offer a team of experts, designers and professional service staff to support you, whether it’s your very first time. Call 0123286038 for comprehensive trophy service offered by our professional team.

Trophy KL is a firm that specialises in production and delivering customized trophies and awards. The corporation offers a wide range of customization choices, empowering potential clients to develop extraordinary trophies that seamlessly match the reason and intention of the award. Trophy KL also has a huge collection of products and shines, so potential clients can select the most ideal award for their goals. On top of that, the company has a team of skilled designers who can absolutely help clients develop a trophy that measures up to their precise requirements.

Acrylic Trophy

Acrylic trophies are a fabulous way to show off your accomplishment while at the same time still looking spectacular. They are available in a range of color or textures, so you can look for the best award for your event. Acrylic trophies are also particularly affordable, making them a fantastic option for smaller functions.

Acrylic trophies are a preferred alternative for many events. Whether you are looking for a practical concept or something more extravagant, right now there is a vast variety of acrylic trophies to pick from. They even can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes to match almost any event. Acrylic trophies could be given in gratitude of accomplishments in academics, sporting events, business or most other arena. They can also be made use of as awards or gifts.

We never cease to be among the top suppliers of acrylic trophies and plaques in Kuala Lumpur. Regardless if you have an interest in a custom-made concept or wish to browse each one of our other items, we have 1000s of variants for you to pick from. Take a while to browse through our website and speak to us if you have any questions.

Get the ideal trophy for your requirements in 3 Simple Steps, 100% Online